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6-Hour Seoul English Walking Tour (6 Must-see Spots) or Customized Tours


Seochon & Tongin Market Traditional village and market at the west of “Gyeongbokgung Palace” (a main royal palace of Joseon dynasty, 1392 AD – 1910 AD) - See old book stores, motels, and boutique shops! Gwanghwamun Plaza Plaza with with “King Sejong” (a Korean alphabet creator) and “Yi Sun-sin” (a navy commander who won victories against Japanese navy) sculptures, underground museum, and Korea’s 1st comic store. - Take photos in the background of “Gyeongbokgung Palace” and great mountains! Cheonggyecheon Stream Modern stream with waterfall, fountains, and 22 bridges, replacing former transport infrastructure - Walk and say hello to couples & families! Deoksugung Palace Walled compound of palace during Joseon dynasty until the merger of Korea by Japan in 1910 (fee: 1,000 won, about 1 USD per person) Only palace with Western-style buildings - See “Rotating Ceremony of Chief Gatekeeper” (showing gatekeepers' controlling gate and checking passersby)! - Walk on the “Stone-wall Road” (a couples’ favorite place and filming spot). - Drop by old/new city halls. - Visit “Jeong-dong Jeil Church” (a Korea’s 1st methodist church). Itaewon Foreign commercial town with international restaurants, bars, and clubs - Stop by Seoul’s oldest foreign book store, pottery shop, and cafe! - Visit Muslim mosque, “Antique Furniture Street”, and “Vinyl & Plastic” (an analog record shop)! • Recommend to eat in Seochon: - In Tongin Market, make your own lunch box purchased with traditional coins. - In Hyoja Bakery, try bread delivered to “Blue House” (a president residence) for 30 years.



Let's sneak in the behind of Presidential house! (Bugaksan trekking)


Bugaksan Mountain is a 342-meter high granite mountain in the middle of Seoul and is home to Gyeongbokgung Palace and a Joseon Dynasty fortress. Its proximity to Cheongwadae, the presidential residence, saw the area closed to the public for 40 years due to security concerns. But nowadays, we can freely hike this mountain if you register your ID at the starting point. We will start from Changuimun course and will get to enjoy the spectacular view of Seoul from the top. But, there are more! Did you know that it was a route for North Korean spies? Something was done in the mountain during Japanese occupations? I would like to share all of these behind stories with you while enjoying the nature. Why don't you come and get different view of Seoul? *Notice* - Visitors must carry accepted form of identification (e.g. passport of Alien Registration Card issued from Republic of Korea) - Duration: Walking about 1.5 hrs, Hiking about 2 hrs - Difficulty : Intermediate * What to bring - Hiking shoes, comfortable clothes, bottle of water and adventures mind :)



The Weeklong Seoul Tour


Here we will do everything you need or want to do in Seoul! Palaces and traditional markets? You got it! Kpop and the modern Gangnam side of Seoul? Coming right up! We will also do day trips outside of Seoul, but come back so that you can stay in the comforts of the hotel that you booked. Some of the things we will see outside of Seoul are the DMZ, Nami Island and Hwaseong Suwon Fortress Wall. Let me know if we've missed anything on the itinerary. 9 straight days of action-packed tours with a tour guide.



Taekwondo 1 Day experience tour Program/Int'l Kumgang Taekwondo Center


Learn Taekwondo in the land where it's from! We offer a program for 90 minutes, but also offer 2hrs, 3hrs program who want to do the Korean traditional martial arts - Taekwondo in Korea with a Korean master. We have 3 types of experience tour program for visiting our center. Details of experience - Putting uniforms on and Tie of belt-Stretching-Basic movements-Self-defense-Breaking a pine-Ceremony for Certificate Transportation- Meeting of Mokdong station of 5line, Exit 5gate/pickup service to our center Please inform of meeting time each other before coming. Our location - preparation material- Towel if you need to it. Uniform size(Ex, size-M or...),English full name for certificate.



Hiking Mt. Seorak with a Sherpa


Are you sick of package trip just for taking pictures? In a day, more than hundreds of tourists visit Mt.Seorak but they cannot experience real hiking because the tour program only is organized for taking a walk a little bit and taking pictures. I feel sorry about that because you should hike to see & experince real beauty of Mt.Seorak. That's why I want to open this tour. I worked near Mt.seorak before, so I know about the courses well and I also can customize whichever courses you want to hike. (Normally, we will hike Ulsanbawi Rock course which is representative place of Mt.Seorak.) As I mentioned before, I am ski instructor & tour guide, so I am good at managing outdoor activities and certified in first aid. I will pick you up at Seoul, drive you to Mt.Seorak, hike together and drive you back to Seoul. ( Literally, we may say it is A to Z tour.) Be more active! Get more special experience!



Buy, Rest, and Eat tour


We will visit Dongdaemun History & Culture Park. This place is famous for clothes. We will visit Doota & Migliore which is the name of shopping malls. However, if you are not interested in buying clothes, you can also tour Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). You will experience special feeling. Shape of DDP is similar to UFO. After shopping or tour, we will visit Spalex which is Korea's famous coed saunas. We will spend time in Korea's famous coed saunas. Korean sauna is not just place to take a shower. We can chat, we can eat, and we can sleep. Many Korean people spend time in Korea's famous coed saunas. And there is special snack too!!! After spending time in sauna, we will go to New town restaurant and eat SamKyupSsal! Korean people often eat SamKyupSsal after taking sauna. We will use public transportation.



Traditional Culture Tour


There are many places you can visit in Seoul. In Insa-dong and Anguk-dong, you can experience traditional culture of Korea. You can see Korean traditional buildings and you can wear Korean traditional clothes. We will visit Gwanghwamoon station. And we will visit 'SaeJong Story'(It is museum). We will spend about 30 minute in here. After that, we will go to Anguk-dong. If you want, you can rent Korean traditionl clothes. There are two choices you can make. You can either watch the inside of Gwanghwamoon or you can tour Anguk-dong for longer period. After finishing those tours, we will go to Insadong. In Insadong, you can buy Korean traditional items and you can eat Korean traditional foods. Insadong is really hot place. You will enjoy time in here!



Traditional Korean cooking with a chef


You will cook traditional Korean dishes yourself but don't worry, i can teach you with easy recipes and can give you some tips as i have many experience in Korean cuisine &Western cuisine as a chef! After the lunch class, we will go to the Namdeamun Market for around one hour. we will have a look Korean Kitchen stuffs, ingredionts and flower market. After the dinner class, we will go to a sky park near my studio where you can see a beautiful night view with lots of lights. You will cook individually with my easy recipes; that is good way to perfect Korean food. Heamul pajeon (seafood pancake with spring onion) Bibimbab (a famous mixed rice dish) Bukumi (Korean crepes with nuts, for dessert) Japche (a sweet & savory dish of glass noodles and vegetables) Jeyuk bokum (spicy stir-fried pork and vegetables) Bukumi for dessert. Kimchi (spicy and fermented napa cabbage) Bossam (napa wraps with simmered pork) Doenjang guk (soy bean paste soup) *you will bring back home a small package of Kimch what you made ! Kimchi jeon (kimchi pancake) Bulgogi (stir-fried beef with soy sauce) Bukumi for dessert



Private Ski Lesson at a Korean Ski Resort!!


Are you interested in ski tour? But Europe is too far and Japan is inconvenient for casual trip. Then, skiing at Korea can be good option! My team and I at JSKI are professional ski instructors and we have been teaching more than 5,000 tourists every year. The tour I will give you is PRIVATE SKI LESSON, which is quite different with other ski agents in Korea. Lesson fee is $220 for 2 hours and the maximum number of group is 4 persons for good quality of lesson. If the number of your group is more than 4, we can discuss and hire more instructors, so don't worry about that and just contact me :) Please contact me and learn how ski in Korea! Curriculum 2-hour lesson & 4-hour lesson - Safety rules, Etiquette - How to put on & off your ski gears - How to move on a flat surface - How to fall and get up safely - Basic stance (sliding - slowing down - stopping) - How to take the ski lift safely - How to change direction (basic wedge turn) *For 4-hour lesson only* - Break time (eat, drink or practice on your own) - How to do S-shape turn - How to control turning speed



Uncovering the Underground Scenes of Hongdae


This is taking you through the indie rock scene of Hongdae. Tons of clubs that you would never notice and just walk by on your trip to the Hongdae area of Seoul. I'll take you to 3 cool places where some of my favorite indie bands play.



EDM yoga dance party on a rooftop


We'll have healthy and fun EDM party on a rooftop, seeing the skyline of Seoul. We'll start by learning EDM Yoga Flight: you'll do dance, yoga, and functional fitness along with EDM a cool DJ has mixed. We will end up with a freestyle dance party where you can express yourself to music. After the workout, we'll chill listening my favorite EDM songs with trendy Korean drinks. I'll show you how young Koreans party, and I'll teach you some Korean drinking games you can do anywhere.



Understanding Korean Modern Society Tour


So you know the song, Gangnam Style. Now we’ll dig a little deeper into the meaning and explore what is Korean society and Korean pop culture today. We will answer all the questions that are wandering your mind as we hit the streets of Gangnam. Why are Samsung phones so expensive here? Why aren’t there any garbage cans in Korea?? Did she get plastic surgery??? We will take you on a tour of Korea that gives you an inside look at modern culture and glimpse into the future. We’ll take you to all the places where trends are taking place on the peninsula. We’ll then stop by all the famous entertainment agencies to stalk your favorite celebrities. We will finally stop by the corporate headquarters of Samsung and take a look into what they believe the future home will look like. Get ready! SMTown, K-Star Road, you name it. We'll go!



Traditional Korean Cooking with Chef


Hope after you joined my experience, more interested in Korean cooking and Korean culture :) We'll begin with a visit to a local market that's not known by many tourists. We'll look at the Korean ingredients and buy vegetables, and we'll walk around so you can see what the locals buy and sell in the market. After this, we'll visit a traditional Korean house and you'll learn to cook three kinds of genuine Korean foods and to make Kimchi.( after class you will bring a small package of Kimchi what you made) Monday, Wednesday & Friday Heamul pajeon - Seafood pancake with spring onion. Bibimbab - Mixed rice what is one of the traditional and famous Korean food. Bukumi - Korean crepes with nuts (for dessert). Tuesday & Saturday Japche - sweet and savory dish of stir-fried glass noodles and vegetables. Jeyuk bokeum - Spicy stir-fried pork and vegetables. Bukumi - Korean crepes with nuts (for dessert). Thursday & Sunday Kimchi jeon - Kimchi pancake Bulgogi - stir-fried beef with soy sauce Bukumi - Korean crepes with nuts (for dessert)



8-Hour Walking & Sea Train Tour in Incheon (ocean city, 1 hour from Seoul) or Customized Tours


Wolmi Sea Train Monorail running around "Wolmi Island", 40 minutes & 6.1km (fee: 8,000 won, about USD 7 per person) - Watch sea, ports, Incheon bridge, and world largest mural from the 18 meters high view. - Take lifetime photos at each station photo zone! Wolmi Island - Enjoy seaside roads, street festivals, cafes, and theme parks! Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village Village with characters in “Snow White”, “Cinderella”, “Wonderful Wizard of OZ”, etc & alleys decorated with 10 themes - Fasten locks at "Love Key Zone" netting and take photos with characters! Chinatown - Watch old Chinese restaurants, bakeries, and cafes in Korea’s biggest Chinatown! - See “Sam-guk-ji” (a Chinese romance of 3 kingdoms in the 1400s) mural street. Sinpo Traditional Market Freedom Park Korea’s 1st westernized park with the sculpture of “MacArthur” (an American general who saved Incheon & Seoul during Korea war) - Visit “Jemulpo Club” (a foreign social club museum), “100th Anniversary of Korea-U.S. Diplomatic Relations Memorial Tower”, and Korean war student soldiers' monument. Hillside Village Museum Exhibition of 1960-70s’ hillside village (fee: 1,000 won, about 1 USD per person) Baedari Used Bookstore Alley - See bookstores (TV drama “The Lonely & Great God–Goblin” filming spots), old mural street, and handicraft shops. • Recommend to eat: - In Sinpo Market, eat stir-fried chicken, Tteok-bokki (a spicy rice cake), and bibimbap (a mixed rice with vegetables, egg, and hot sauce). - In Chinatown, have Jajangmyeon (a Korean-style Chinese noodles with pork/vegetable sauce) & Tangsuyuk (a Korean-style Chinese meat with sweet/sour sauce). - Near the beach, try diverse seafood & hand-made chopped noodles.



Seoul Night Life Tour


Showing around the bar streets, clubs, be friends with local people, Night food tour. and introducing any type of night culture, art, music, scenes by your preference.



The All New DMZ Tour


No matter what any other tour agency will tell you, the Joint Security Area (JSA) of the DMZ is currently closed. So we've discovered an alternate course off the beaten path for people who really want to see the DMZ. It's definitely becoming more and more one of the hottest places to see in Korea. It's been in hot demand ever since presidential summits taking place there. But since the JSA area is shut down there for renovation (or was that reunification?), we are introducing new place to see in replacement of that. The DMZ is always a fascinating place to see as it consistently transforms itself as a symbol of the Korean War to a beacon for peace and hope. The DMZ, or the Demilitarized Zone is a 247 KM (150 mile) border that divides the Korean peninsula into North and South Korea. That being said, where one section of the DMZ closes, another part is open for viewing into North Korea. We will trek all along the DMZ until we find an opening, so doing the tour one day could be totally different from then next. We will try to start out by going through the Military Checkpoint and go up to the Dorasan Observatory to look into the city of Kaesong in North Korea. Kaesong is also the ancient capital of Korea before Seoul during the Goryeo Dynasty from 918AD to 1392AD. We will also go underneath the DMZ through a tunnel that was dug up by the North Koreans during the height of the tensions. It would have been used to plot another surprise attack on the South Korean had it not been told to us by a North Korean defector. When we discovered them, the North Koreans retreated and painted the walls black, saying they were looking for coal. The itinerary is subject to change due to actions taking place on the ground and with the United Nations. Should JSA open up, you will be sure that will be the first place we try.


Korean Tour Guides are highly professional, licensed and go through a serious vetting process. They offer their own tours, but you can always ask them to customize it to your own interests.



Sung-Hyuk Kwon


6 years experienced freelance English walking tour guide in South Korea I am planning and leading customized, package, and incentive tours (on old/new Korea, K-pop, shopping, pretty towns, nature, B2B/B2C meetings, etc). I also guided Korean travelers in 20+ countries in Europe, Africa, Philippine, and Canada for 3 years while managing event guest itineraries & escorting in the United Nations and NGOs. Clients have truly appreciated my efficient tour routes, unique storytelling skills, and deep knowledge of local spots. They have valued me as a colorful, flexible, and pleasant guide who naturally makes fun time, handles any situations, and always maximizes clients’ satisfaction. - Propose customized tours. - Itinerary change, (price will change relatively) time schedule, and number of clients are flexible. - Give Korea travel tips.