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Uncovering the Underground Scenes of Hongdae


This is taking you through the indie rock scene of Hongdae. Tons of clubs that you would never notice and just walk by on your trip to the Hongdae area of Seoul. I'll take you to 3 cool places where some of my favorite indie bands play.



Seoul Shopping Tour


Showing around the most famous shopping area of Seoul. Best shopping places and will guide you to find anything you want to buy and to help in the right price and place by introducing unique local stores. I will take you to Myeongdong, Hongdae, Dongdaemun or wherever else you'd like to visit.



EDM yoga dance party on a rooftop


We'll have healthy and fun EDM party on a rooftop, seeing the skyline of Seoul. We'll start by learning EDM Yoga Flight: you'll do dance, yoga, and functional fitness along with EDM a cool DJ has mixed. We will end up with a freestyle dance party where you can express yourself to music. After the workout, we'll chill listening my favorite EDM songs with trendy Korean drinks. I'll show you how young Koreans party, and I'll teach you some Korean drinking games you can do anywhere.



Seoul night life tour


Showing around the bar streets, clubs, be friends with local people, Night food tour. and introducing any type of night culture, art, music, scenes by your preference.