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Traditional Culture Tour


There are many places you can visit in Seoul. In Insa-dong and Anguk-dong, you can experience traditional culture of Korea. You can see Korean traditional buildings and you can wear Korean traditional clothes. We will visit Gwanghwamoon station. And we will visit 'SaeJong Story'(It is museum). We will spend about 30 minute in here. After that, we will go to Anguk-dong. If you want, you can rent Korean traditionl clothes. There are two choices you can make. You can either watch the inside of Gwanghwamoon or you can tour Anguk-dong for longer period. After finishing those tours, we will go to Insadong. In Insadong, you can buy Korean traditional items and you can eat Korean traditional foods. Insadong is really hot place. You will enjoy time in here!



Seoul Highlights All in a Day


You will see everything you need to all packed into 1 day. The minimum tour hour is 7 hours a day, but can be as long as 12 hours a day. The Seoul Highlight Tour can be arranged for a two-day tour on request. $250 for 8 hours / $350 for 12 hours or a van tour $350 for 8 hours / $450 for 12 hours *The time to start the tour is subject to change depending on the location of the hotel you will stay in Seoul. ★ Clients are welcome to make any suggestions to make the tour short by skipping a few destinations. Customized tour can be arranged on request.



Culture & History Tour


Best way to start a trip in Korea is right here. By the end of the first hour, you’ll get your money’s worth just with the sheer knowledge we share with you about Korea and the Korean people. We don’t just push you from place to place. We give you great explanations about what you are looking at and offer up a lot of context. Start bright and early in the morning and we’ll go around the central Seoul area for the day. Most of Seoul’s heritage tour sites are in this area so it’s a great place to kickstart your stay here in Korea. We’ll start and finish at City Hall Station. We’ll see the ultra modern side of Seoul as well as Seoul when it was the ancient capital of the Joseon Dynasty (1392AD – 1910AD). An excellent way to see where this country came from, what it’s been through and where its going.



Korean Paper Handicrafts Experience


Hanji is Korean traditional paper with long history which comes in many different colors including pink, orange, red and etc. The color of Hanji is so captivating that it is used for decorations and during this experience you can decorate items with your own unique design with Hanji. This is 1 hour program and you will be given with instructions and learn Korean paper art step by step. The main product of the program is paper pen and you can choose additional ones like frame, hand mirror, Korean traditional shoes, coaster, phone holder and etc at extra charge. The basic product can be altered to frame, pen holder or coaster if you wish. You can keep the art work that you made after the program as a souvenir.



Understanding the Life of a Korean Tour


First we will dress up like a Korean in Korean traditional costumes. The we will talk about the birth of a Korean, the life & death of a Korean and even go so far as to talk about the afterlife of a Korean. From start to finish, we start with when babies are born to the pinnacles of their careers. We explore how they lived, through the culture & heritage sites of Seoul. 2 half day courses, mix and match, or combine them for a full day tour of the city! This is one of our more popular tours. By the end, you will be an expert on the Korean people, traditional architecture and the history of Korea. Book now to get a feel for the Koreans lived during the dyanstical period of the Joseon Kingdom (1392AD - 1910AD).



Seoul in a Day: Private Van + Guide


Are you planning to visit Seoul for the first time? I can customize the tour so you can maximize your time while you're in Seoul and see the locals, feel the culture, and taste the local food within a day! The itinerary is 100% up to you and I can recommend you many interesting places to explore in Seoul! A friendly driver with a van will bring you anywhere you like within Seoul and a professional licensed tour guide will accompany you to show you this lovely city with countless things to discover culturally and historically!



Seoul in a day : Private Tour


Seoul city walking tour is designed for travelers who want to experience a variety of different local scenes using public transportation (taxi / subway / bus). You can choose any of the places in Seoul and I will be your private tour guide to explain the fun facts and historical stories behind each place we visit. This is one of the best tours in South Korea. The itinerary is 100% up to you and I can recommend you many interesting places to explore in Seoul!



Seoul Shopping Tour


Showing around the most famous shopping area of Seoul. Best shopping places and will guide you to find anything you want to buy and to help in the right price and place by introducing unique local stores. I will take you to Myeongdong, Hongdae, Dongdaemun or wherever else you'd like to visit.



Let's go for highlights in Seoul!


We will visit some highlight spots of Seoul(must go places) in one day! It covers not only a history but also a culture and local experience :) You will experience old Korean dynasty to visit our palace in the morning and look around one of the best antique market in Seoul. After lunch, we will go to experience how to make kimchi and wear our beautiful traditional costume, hanbok using traditional backgrounds. It will be amazing experience and good memory for your instagram and facebook(definitely!!!) After that, we will visit local food market in Seoul so that you can experience korea's awesome street food. If we have more time, we can finish our tour at Han river park where you can see one of the best night view in Seoul and enjoy chimaek(chicken+beer) to make your night perfect ;)



Privately Customized Tour in Gapyeong (Nami Island, Pettie France, Garden of Morning Calm, etc)... with a Photographer Tour Guide!!


** This tour includes Tour-guiding, Driving, and Photo-shooting service. There are 2 ways to make up your tour with me as shown bellow ** 1. Customized Itinerary on your needs : I will be happy to provide you the possible plans for you. Please tell me your needs or specific conditions that I can refer to. - easy / busy - more focus on photo taking / your own time in the good cafe - have problems for too much walk / fit enough to walk a lot 2. Choose attractions from the given options : This tour is designed to be 10 hours journey. After I get your priorities, I will provide you the best plan as possible. (1) Nami Island : Known as one of the best sites in Korea to take photos, this theme park provides you nice walks along the beautiful trees, river, and drama sites. (2) Pettie France : Theme Park of an old styled village in France. You can enjoy traditional culture of France and take fancy pictures here. (3) Garden of Morning Calm : : A Great Scale of Beautiful Garden designed by a professor specialized in Botanic. In winter, this garden opens Light Festival. (4) Rail Bike : Cycling on the rail way. It is 4 wheeled so no need to worry about falling down. This rail goes through some of the most beautiful natural sceneries in this region. (5) Strawberry Picking(November ~ May) : You can pick the fresh strawberries in the farm. (6) Elysian Ski Resort(December ~ February) : Ski with a licensed ski instructor or just see the snow briefly and take photos (7) Dumulmeori river view : This river view is actually so popular for local Koreans and has been filmed in dramas and movies. (8) Alpaca World($30 extra charge due to a long distance) : Let's play with Alpacas!! (9) Seoul City Tour : Tourists usually choose to go to Gyeongbokgung palace, Bukchon Hanok Village, Insadong Traditional District, or N-Seoul Tower,



The Weeklong Seoul Tour


Here we will do everything you need or want to do in Seoul! Palaces and traditional markets? You got it! Kpop and the modern Gangnam side of Seoul? Coming right up! We will also do day trips outside of Seoul, but come back so that you can stay in the comforts of the hotel that you booked. Some of the things we will see outside of Seoul are the DMZ, Nami Island and Hwaseong Suwon Fortress Wall. Let me know if we've missed anything on the itinerary. 9 straight days of action-packed tours with a tour guide.



The Essence of Seoul City - Private Driving Tour


In this tour, we will explore and enjoy the highlights of Seoul city in which the ancient and modern culture coexist in harmony. You will go through Gyeongbokgung royal palace, Bukchon traditional house village, Insadong district full of traditional crafts and souvenirs, Jogyesa Buddhist temple, and Seoul Tower to look around Seoul city with a wonderful panoramic view!!


Korean Tour Guides are highly professional, licensed and go through a serious vetting process. They offer their own tours, but you can always ask them to customize it to your own interests.



Hwal Ran Ok


Hello! My name is Hwal Ran and I am running a Korean Paper Art Experience Products program. At first, as I was in love with making Hanji crafts, I made them by myself and sold them to customers. As time went by, I changed my mind to share the experience with other people and also teach them how to do it so that people can better understand the real Korean culture. Now, I would like to introduce Korean paper art to people from all over the world in order to make them to have an interesting experience while visiting Korea. Korean paper art is a traditional craft art decorating lamps, paper pen, frame, hand mirror and etc with Korean traditional paper Hanji. Hanji comes with various colors and has unique bright colors that's just enough to grab your attention. The materials that I offer all come from Jeonju, which is the original place where Hanji started. Although I don't speak fluent English, there's no problem in giving lessons and I will show you demonstrations of how it works and provide you with simple instructions. I held sessions for over 10 years now to tourists and most of them loved after taking it. I want to share my background to all of you. 1997 Started as a Hanji craft instructor Instructor for teacher training 2006 Opening of Hanjichuoek craft center Awarded with special prize in Grand Art Exhibition of Korea held by Korea Fine Arts Association Awarded with special prize in National Hanji Craft Competition held by The Traditional Paper Artists Association 2009 Displayed in Colored Hanji Member Exibition held by Korean Paper Technology Association - "Hanji to World" Manufactured tailored frame with traditional motifs for festival of the year of interchange of Korea and China (held by Ministry of Culture) 2010 Introduced Hanji crafts program at NHK educational broadcast of Japan Selected as the most 20 must visit place in Insadong, Jongrogu Judge of Chamjongi Crafts Contest ~until 2014 2011 Introduced in a book(as part of experiences in Seoul), whose author is Shioda Sadaharu, a Japanese actor Invited artist for Hangeul Saegimjeon Invited Artist Exhibition 2014 Appeared in 'Ggureogi Tamgusenghwal', a program of SBS 2016 Appeared in 'Finding Mom', a program of EBS 2017 Displayed in Mauematti exhition Instructor for multiple workshops There's no need to worry about level of difficulty! I had customers from all over the world and they all found Hanji crafts easy and exciting to make! So don't hesitate and join me :) Come and experience the best Hanji crafts!!