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English & Korean Walking Tour in Seoul (6 Must-see Spots) or Customized Tours


Seochon Village of traditional Korean houses and alleys at the west of “Gyeongbokgung Palace” (main royal palace of Joseon dynasty, 1392AD – 1910AD) - See old book stores | motels | restaurants, boutique shops, art galleries, and food streets! - Visit “King Sejong Stone Plaque” where King Sejong (creator of Korean alphabet) was born. Gwanghwamun Plaza Korea’s largest public open space with be-loved “King Sejong” (creator of Korean alphabet) and “Yi Sun-sin” (Naval commander who won victories against Japanese navy) sculptures, underground museum, and historical sites (market, well, and Korea’s 1st comic store). - Take photos in the background of “Gyeongbokgung Palace” and great mountains! Cheonggye Stream Modern public recreation stream with waterfall, fountains, and 22 bridges, replacing former transportation infrastructure since 2005 - Walk and say hello to many couples and families! Deoksugung Palace Walled compound of palace during Joseon dynasty until the merger of Korea by Japan in 1910 (fee: 1,000 won, about 1 USD per person) The only palace with Western-style buildings - See “Rotating Ceremony of Chief Gatekeeper”! - Walk on the “Stone-wall Road”, a couples’ favorite place and many filming spot. - Drop by old & new city halls. - Visit “Jeong-dong Jeil Church” (Korea’s 1st methodist church). Haebangchon (liberation village) & Itaewon Oldest neighborhood with Korean and foreign atmospheres Foreign commercial town with international restaurants, bars, and clubs - Stop by Seoul’s oldest foreign book store & pottery shop and antique cafes! - Visit Muslim mosque (experience Islamic worship), “Antique Furniture Street”, and “Vinyl & Plastic” (analog record shop)!



Seoul night life tour


Showing around the bar streets, clubs, be friends with local people, Night food tour. and introducing any type of night culture, art, music, scenes by your preference.