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Alex Macatangay

Everywhere you like to go in Korea

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Everywhere you like to go in Korea


Hello my name is Alejandro just call me Alex for short. Im a filipino. To be honest Im  not a licensed tour guide in Korea but i can guarantee you a good service. Ive been guiding friends in Korea since 2003 as a private/personal tour guide and i can say that experienced itself is my LICENCED.Travelling is my passion. Whenever i travel i feel so great and refreshed. I came to korea in 2003 since then i came to loved everything in Korea. Not just the people but also the culture nature and specially food. Im not really expert in every places in korea tour but i will promise you that i can help and assist you a lot. I will do my best to make your family tour in Korea a satisfying one. I can speak English, Tagalog,  and Korean. If you are looking for someone who is kind enthusiastic and trusted to guide you here in Korea. I found a right person. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

My email is:
My number is: 01065710579

See you guys.....

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