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Heejin Suh

Seoul, Busan, Jeju

History, Nature, Outdoor


English, Korean





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Seoul, Busan, Jeju


Hi, my name is Hana who is fun, considerate, adventurous and a big traveler myself. I was an IT engineer for last six years. Even though IT is an interesting field, I loved the new experience from traveling overseas. Overall, I traveled more than 30 countries and 100 cities. What else? Yes, I quit the job in 2014 and became a tour guide in Seoul! 

I do truly understand each moment and each day is so important for travelers, therefore I always do my best to make amusing and enjoyable moments with my guests. I have conducted more than 100 tours to DMZ, Palaces and UNESCO heritage sites so on. But above all, I believe that I have shared all of my delightful and positive energy with my guests during the tour. Not only me, generally people in Seoul are active, energetic and looking for the fun all the time. 

While you are traveling Seoul, I wish you can taste the true color of South Korea! 

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