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Hwal Ran Ok

Insadong, Jongrogu

Hanji, Korean Traditional Art, Experience


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Insadong, Jongrogu


 Hello! My name is Hwal Ran and I am running a Korean Paper Art  Experience Products program. At first, as I was in love with making Hanji crafts, I made them by myself and sold them to customers. As time went by, I changed my mind to share the experience with other people and also teach them how to do it so that people can better understand the real Korean culture. Now, I would like to introduce Korean paper art to people from all over the world in order to make them to have an interesting experience while visiting Korea.

  Korean paper art is a traditional craft art decorating lamps, paper pen, frame, hand mirror and etc with Korean traditional paper Hanji. Hanji comes with various colors and has unique bright colors that's just enough to grab your attention. The materials that I offer all come from Jeonju, which is the original place where Hanji started.  Although I don't speak fluent English, there's no problem in giving lessons and I will show you demonstrations of how it works and provide you with simple instructions. I held sessions for over 10 years now to tourists and most of them loved after taking it. I want to share my background to all of you.

1997	 Started as a Hanji craft instructor						
	         Instructor for teacher training					
2006	 Opening of Hanjichuoek craft center						
	         Awarded with special prize in Grand Art Exhibition of Korea held by Korea Fine Arts Association					
	         Awarded with special prize in National Hanji Craft Competition held by The Traditional Paper Artists Association						
2009	 Displayed in Colored Hanji Member Exibition held by Korean Paper Technology Association - "Hanji to World"		
	        Manufactured tailored frame with traditional motifs for festival of the year of interchange of Korea and China (held by Ministry of Culture)
2010	Introduced Hanji crafts program at NHK educational broadcast of Japan						
	        Selected as the most 20 must visit place in Insadong, Jongrogu					
	        Judge of Chamjongi Crafts Contest              ~until 2014			
2011       Introduced in a book(as part of experiences in Seoul), whose author is Shioda Sadaharu, a Japanese actor						
	         Invited artist for Hangeul Saegimjeon Invited Artist Exhibition 	
2014	 Appeared in 'Ggureogi Tamgusenghwal', a program of SBS					
2016	 Appeared in 'Finding Mom', a program of EBS					
2017	 Displayed in Mauematti exhition				
	         Instructor for multiple workshops				

There's no need to worry about level of difficulty! I had customers from all over the world and they all found Hanji crafts easy and exciting to make! 
So don't  hesitate and join me :) Come and experience the best Hanji crafts!!

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