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 First of all, I have to say travelling has been always my passion.  I has really enjoyed travelling by my car to tourist attractions or a cousine tour all over the country not only during weekends but also whenever I got vacations or even only one day-off.  To make my dream come true that is to make travelling my profession, I studied and got the International tour guide license certified by Korean government in December 2017.

 I worked for JP Morgan Chase Investment Banking Corp Seoul Branch for 24 years, a Native English Teacher Recruiting Company for two years and representative Korean Buddhist temples for four years.  And now I would like to start the second page of my life as I wanted for a long time.

 As I travelled so many years alone or  with my international  friends who had been known from my previous work before having the licence, now I assure that you will be my pleasure to show you the beauty of Morning Calm country my motherland Korea.

 It is really challenging to be a private tour guide for international visitors.  I have been escorting many international visitors more than 4,000 people from various foreign countries to Korean temples and hermitages and conducted meditation in the forest of the temples for several years during the templestay.

In addition, I made unforgettable memories during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.  I escorted and interpreted a Minister of Science from Canada Ms. Kirsty Duncan who is a genuine born lovely lady at the same time  very intelligent.  You can see her beautiful smile from the photo gallery.  I supported her and the SportsCanada team about 40 days during the Olympic games and Paralyimpics.  I met many wonderful sports stars and medalists of Olympics and it was very honorable having time with them as I had just started to work in the tourism industries as an English Tour guide.  Since then, I could perform not only many important tour events but also assume an important role as an interpreter at variety of Governmental exhibition or business meetings.  I am now enjoying the second page of my life with many international peoples who want to explore Korean culture and history by visiting Korea tourist attractions.    

 I will arrange your journey most exciting and refreshing.  And I will also try to help you to find true yourself at the end of your trip by making empty your busy mind at the most serene beautiful place in Korea.

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Anywhere in Korea

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