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Soo Jung Pak

Seoul and Gyeonggi-do

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Hi, my name is Soo Jung. I was born and raised in the U.S. I moved to Korea almost 5 years ago. My background and career was actually in Counseling Psychology, but I moved here to fulfill a call on my life. Prior to moving, I had only visited Korea twice, so I wasn't familiar with the city or country for that matter. I had experienced some culture shock as I adjusted to life here. It was through my own personal exploration of the city that my heart really grew for Seoul, and I just gained such an appreciation of all the conveniences and uniqueness the city has to offer. 

I challenged myself to go to different parts of the city and not to just settle with going back and forth just to work. or places near my home. Not knowing how long I would be here, I wanted to make the most of it. Life here can be very busy, fast paced, stressful at times and brings constant changes with people and things that come and go. I found healing and joy in enjoying the different things; like nature, which Koreans do a very good job of maintaining and cultivating. I also found that I just loved being in beautiful surroundings which would uplift my spirits. There's so much to see and do here- from sporting events, K-pop, musueums/arts/culture, Unesco sites, trendy and theme-specific cafes, delicious foods, nature, botanical gardens, lovely parks; some even with sculptures. I would love to share the places that bring me much joy. 

I believe I have a good balance of being both ethnically Korean, and also a "foreigner," and I have insights that will help others to adjust to and help while you visit here. Even though tourism is a new field for me, I have had the privilege to have the flexibility to see and do many things that most of my Korean friends have not, because of their busy work schedules. All of my friends rely on me to plan outings and even take their out of town guests to places that I've taken them to.

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Seoul and Gyeonggi-do

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