Month: April 2006

Day 327

They say when you quit one bad habit, you pick up another one.  I should have been more careful but unfortunately this next one crept up on me.  Now I’m caught up in a dilemma.  My last cigarette was at LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal on May 31st, 2005.  Just as I entered the terminal, I …

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Happy BLACK Day!!!  Whatever that means.  ¤»¤»¤» Koreans are such expert marketers.  I tell you this is what has made the Korean economy today.  Nevermind the hard working Korean.  It was all about the marketing – HANDS DOWN.  Got jjah jjang myeon?

This was written several days in the New York Times after my post.  The author stole my idea. South Koreans use futuristic technologies that are years away in the United States; companies like Microsoft and Motorola test products here before introducing them in the United States. -New York Times, April 2, 2006 http://www.nytimes.com/2006/04/02/world/asia/02robot.html?ex=1144209600&en=8ca1f0c6bb3e86d1&ei=5087 Cell phone …

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