About KoreanTourGuide

KoreanTourGuide.com is South Korea’s premier tour guide platform. Through our very well trained guides and operators, we offer an experience in Korea like no other. At KoreanTourGuide, we educate our guides on how our customers are looking for true local experiences. Our guides take travelers around Korea as if they were taking around their own families on a weekend getaway. Sure, we will still take them to must-see places like the Hanok Village, but did you know there’s a really awesome stream tucked away nearby? Not likely a place to be found on any English language blog, but a great place for anyone to take their shoes off and feel the cool water running through their feet.

KoreanTourGuide is led by Founder and Chief Executive Tour Guide, Rob Koh. A graduate from the Stern School of Business and former banker, he left his job on Wall Street to join the tourism industry where he could hone in on his natural talent for hospitality. He has spent 5 years understanding the industry by working in the trenches as a tour guide himself. He understands the metrics and now he manages the operations. He is known from time to time to randomly step away from the office to do some tours himself because his true love is, and has always been guiding and talking about Korea.

Better known as “Uncle Rob” by his customers and counterparts, he is determined to put Korea on the map for tourism. He does this one tour at a time, underpinning his philosophy into every tour: The only difference between tourists traveling in Korea and natives traveling in Korea should only and ever be…a very good tour guide. It is a very good tour guide that can convey and relay everything for you so that you can truly immerse yourself into a culture. We will continue to train excellent guides and strive to find better ways to close this gap. It is then that our customers can seamlessly enjoy Korea like a true local.

When it comes to tourism, Korea’s greatest assets are NOT its cultural heritage sites. It’s very much so the Korean people. Korea has the potential to be one of the top destinations of the world and its going to start with a good guide to show you why.

– Uncle Rob