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Try one of our signature tours of South Korea and see the highlights or a local escapade to immerse yourself within the culture and society. Meditate in a state of zen or take a cooking class to learn about Korean fermented foods.

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We are always looking for exciting new tours and experiences to offer our beloved travelers. If you’d like to list something with us, feel free to sign up with us today!

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Private Virtual Tours

Introducing private virtual tours by yours truly. The best time to go for a true South Korean experience is now! Travel and find happiness within yourself right from your own home.

Introducing Private Virtual Tours

Private Virtual Tour

We will take you through the palaces and talk about Korean traditional architecture as well as walk through the modern sides of Seoul!

Take a Tour Virtually Anywhere in Korea

Private Virtual Tour

Ok so that was a play on words, but still we can go anywhere on the peninsula to provide you with a virtual tour anywhere in the nation!

Let's Window Shop in the Myeongdong District!

Private Virtual Tour

One of our KoreanTourGuides, Jin Lee talking about getting tattooed eye brows in Korea. Is she going to go through with it??

Top Tour Guides

Our team of KoreanTourGuides are highly professional, licensed and go through a serious vetting process. They offer their own tours of South Korea, but you can always ask them to customize it to your own interests. Feel free to book them directly here by the hour.

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We at KoreanTourGuide are always looking for great professional tour guides to show our travelers around South Korea. Apply to join a great team with great benefits!

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Top Local Experts

Local Experts are masters of their trade and have a story to tell. These guys are war veterans, chefs, gamers, entrepreneurs, refugees, teachers, farmers, you name it! It’s truly an honor to see them in their element.

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Do you have unique knowledge, skills or access to something interesting? Are you an artisan in your trade and can give classes? Join our growing network of Local Experts and make money by doing what you love!

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