Frequently Asked Questions

Traveler FAQ

Before making a booking, if you have any question regarding a KTG listed tour on our website you can communicate directly with the KoreanTourGuide through our messaging platform. They are responsible to answer all your inquiries.

After you successfully make a booking, the KoreanTourGuide's name, email address and phone number will be shared with you. Nevertheless, you are advised to keep your correspondence on our chat platform in case you need our assistance.

Our website filters and search functions help you find the KoreanTourGuides and Tour experiences most relevant to your interests and destination. If you decide to book a travel experience after reading its contents, please fill in the number of travelers, the chosen time slot and click the “Book Now” button. You will be directed to the PayPal website where you can either choose to pay by your credit card or by your account with PayPal.

KoreanTourGuides set up their availability through our website calendar. If you choose any of the available dates, they should accept your booking. You will be notified of your successful booking through the email address you registered with us. In the rare unfortunate circumstance that the KoreanTourGuide cannot commit to your booking, they will contact and rearrange directly with you to another suitable time slot. In the worst case scenario when no agreement can be reached, please let us know, we will refund you fully.

Once you have successfully booked your tour or experience, you can arrange a meeting or pick-up directly with the person in question. It can be at your hotel, or at the starting point of the tour/experience or anywhere that both can agree on.

If you have any questions or feedbacks, drop us an email at

FAQs from KoreanTourGuides

Our website is designed specifically in assisting you to create Tours with ease. After you confirm to be a KoreanTourGuide, you will find the “Profile” button on the left-side of the website. We have built our system with instructions, recommendations and tools to assist you in the process. Once you fill out and submit the contents of your Profile and Tours, we will review it before it is posted on our website. You will be notified via email when your Profile and Tours are submitted and approved.

Absolutely free of charge. Just be a kickass KoreanTourGuide!

Absolutely, we are here to help! Send us an email to the address below and we guide you step by step.