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Seoul, DMZ, (Gaoyeong), Nami Island, Mt.Seorak and East ocean, Andong, Busan, Gyeongju, Yeosu, Jeonju, Buyeo

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Hi, I'm Andrew Chung, a private driving guide in Korea! I've guided travelers from all over the world for many years. I have strong passion about showing around my amazing motherland to the world.

What would you like to do in Korea? Where would you like to go? Gangnam Street? Grand Palaces? Traditional houses? Or mountains and seaside? Rice wine pub? You name it. We'll be right there.

I like to explore Korea's local hidden gems and I can confidently say that I know Korea's inside and out. I've been a member of a mountain climbing club, driving club (Grand-Starex Club), and a hiking club for several years. I love to discover less known places that have great food and know many places that only native Koreans go. The real 'it' places are not in the guidebook if you know what I mean!

Also, I have an in-depth knowledge about the Asian philosophy which deeply influenced Korea in ancient times. So I have many interesting stories to share, that are behind certain paintings and architecture. Locations of palaces or temples were selected based on the Asian philosophy and most of paintings on the architectures are all symbolic. For example, you will be intrigued to hear what symbolic significance the number of dragon's fingers on the ceiling of a palace.

I will carefully match your interest with what Korea has to offer. Also, I'll suggest most time-efficient tour schedule, but will be also flexible enough to change it to accommodate your needs in the course of the tour.

I hope you have the best time in Korea and make great memories to take home with and let me make that happen for you! 

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Seoul, DMZ, (Gaoyeong), Nami Island, Mt.Seorak and East ocean, Andong, Busan, Gyeongju, Yeosu, Jeonju, Buyeo


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