Sunny Park

Hello, my name is Sunny and I'm a semi-pro golfer with a teaching license in Korea. Korean lady golfers are considered some of the...

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Hwal Ran Ok

Hello! My name is Hwal Ran and I am running a Korean Paper Art Experience Products program. At first, as I was in love with...

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Sung Gyu Kim

Hi, My name is Sung Gyu Kim, I'm from and based in Seoul, South Korea. ...

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Jinwoo Kim

Hi ! My name is Jinwoo Kim (English name is Tyson), the ski instructor of JSKI. ...

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Dong Kyu Lee

Hi I'm Dong Kyu Lee. I have lived in Seoul for 5 years. And I have visited many different places in Seoul. So now I want to...

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Jihyeon Won

Hi, I'm Wonji :D I work as EDM Yoga instructor to take you flight with me!! I've been teaching EDM Yoga at fitness studios like...

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Joungy lee

Hello, I have traveled to many countries, and have worked as a chef for around nine years. I've been to Mongolia, Brazil, Germany,...

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Andrew Yoo

Hello, 안녕, 你好!, Hola and any other languages you speak :) I'm Andrew, a Korean nightlife enthusiast. I've enjoyed the...

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